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March 11, 2022
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It's sakai for small groups, if you can always win standoffs. Ghost armor is an armor set which is earned during the mission from the darkness.

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Fully upgraded makes you obliterate large crowds pure melee with style and 1st try most duels on lethal+.

Best armor in ghost of tsushima reddit. The water surge charge attack is unbeatable. Extra kunai major charm is nice. Ghost armour with black dye, black kensei hat,.

Sea dragon’s wing for me. Tho i don’t know if further in the story there will be more. Including best armor sets & accessories for archery, assassination, exploration & more.

Making a build is giga simple in this game. Extra arrows on headshots is nice. The armor was made by taka, and given to jin by yuna.

Read this ghost of tsushima guide on best armor and best charms for best builds in the game. Stone and wind need a slight buff of some kind imho. Both of these armors are fit for blending in and preventing the enemy.

Makes a difference on lethal mode. Much prefer minimal outfits like the ronin attire or the kensei armor. I do this outfit with a couple different colors but this one matches the best.

I know the bulky armor and helmets are actually accurate for samurai, but i don't really dig them. The effect is greater than that of ronin. I think it's probably 2nd best for duels.

The first great armor from the later part of the game is the ghost armor. Hds177 11 months ago #9. Ghost armor i love to put fear in the mongols.

And now with the release of ghost of tsushima. Of course, depending on your playstyle, your mileage may vary with some of the ghost of tsushima armor. One of my friend's swears by moon but i've used it and don't see the appeal.

It is found in the second region of tsushima (toyotama). Increases the number of opponents you can kill in a standoff. Every one has a different specialty, so we've aimed for.

It's kensei for groups of any size if you're spamming ghost weapons. For ghost of tsushima on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled best armor to use and upgrade early. It's ghost armor for sustained melee fights, because you can make any kill cause a >50% chance of terrify, which is basically an instant kill.

A red/black sword kit would be my new. Headband or straw hat, depending on the color of my armor. I think chanbara films like yojimbo or sword of doom have sorted of warped my fashion sense.

Winning a standoff has a chance to terrify nearby enemies. Best ghost of tsushima armor for standoffs: Ronin serve a special place in keeping the party alive in ghost of tsushima:

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The most important features of the ghost armor are: Ascetically i liked gosakus because it’s orange, i used this the most due to the resolve gains. Red samurai clan helmet, red gosaku armor, black ghost mask, any red sword kit and bow variant.

Water stance is by far the one being used by most players now, followed maybe by moon. If the player is interested in taking on most objectives using stealth, they should take a look at the mongol commander's armor (found in the tale, 'fit for a khan') or the ghost armor (found in the story quest, 'from the darkness'). Plus the white/grey set you get after the main story is done.

Jin notes that the armor is designed in a way to enhance the tactics of the ghost, which increases jin's stealth and inspires fear into the mongols. It comes with a headband, a mask and body armor. The best armor types in ghost of tsushima.

Pick an armor, and stack the same charms the armor does, then play according to that playstyle. I have jin decked out in the white/grey ghost armor, headband of death, and i forget what it's called, but a matching bandit facemask that goes well with the headband.

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